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2023 OSTARA from “Valkyries” Series; 1 Ounce Silver BU Coin; 5 Mark Germania


The next coin, after Hildegard, in this fantastic series!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999

Weight                 31,1 g (1 Troy oz)

Diameter              38.61 mm

Attributes             Brilliant Uncirculated

Mintage                25000

Packaging             Capsule with CoA

Introducing Ostara, the second coin in the Valkyries series from Germania Mint. This coin continues the collection of Germanic goddesses, daughters of Odin, who according to Germanic mythology supported the bravest warriors who fell in battle. Ostara symbolizes spring awakening and bloom. With her comes freshness, light and joy.

On the obverse, Ostara, the goddess of the victory of life over death, is accompanied by a deer and a hare, symbols of fertility. According to beliefs, while walking in the snow, the Valkyrie found an injured bird and transformed it into a more cold-resistant animal – a rabbit. Ostara herself is clad in an airy white gown and floral garland. Her neckline is decorated with the Berkanan rune – responsible for vitality and regeneration, female fertility and beauty.

The reverse again presents the design, which is a combination of Germania Mint’s characteristic double-headed eagle, with the goddess’s animal – a deer. The shield, which includes the year of issue, metal alloy and denomination, features Germanic runes.

Designed by Mateusz Frąckowiak, the coin will be issued in an edition of 25 000 pieces. Its originality will be confirmed by the included Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note: The serial number that appears in this video will NOT be the serial number associated with your coin order.


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