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2023 FLYING FOX BAT; 1 Ounce Silver Black Proof Coin


8th Release from  “Australia at Night” Series

Black Proof

$1 Niue

Love all the bats on the reverse side of the coin!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999 (99.9%)

Weight                 1 Troy Ounce (31,1 g)

Diameter              38.6 mm

Attributes             Black Proof

Mintage                1000

Packaging             Presentation Box and CoA

The Flying Fox Bat is the eighth release in the series that explores Australia’s nocturnal wildlife—Australia at Night! These bats aren’t called “flying foxes” just because their head and face resemble that of a fox. Their name stems from the fact that they’re surprisingly large, so when in flight they resemble flying foxes (as opposed to an average size bat, which resembles a flying mouse). Flying fox wingspans can measure up to four feet from tip to tip, with bodies over a foot long. They can weigh well over a kilogram.

Instantly recognizable as that shadowy presence in the night sky, and from the noisy chatter emanating from the tree tops when the sun goes down, flying foxes are highly social, intelligent, and extremely vocal, boasting almost 30 different calls. They eat mostly fruit, pollen and nectar, so they migrate around Australia following seasonally available flowers and fruit. As a result, this hard-working bat does its part by ensuring cross pollination, distributing pollen and seeds across large distances.

Although familiar from afar, flying foxes are notoriously elusive, so it’s a rare opportunity indeed to examine them closely. Viewed from up-close, the flying fox is surprisingly cute, with their canine or vulpine faces, large eyes, and impressive, leathery wings, all immaculately captured on this phenomenally detailed coin! The pristine, velvety Black Proof mirrored surfaces contrasts with the sparkling silver, instantly bringing this mysterious creature to life under the light of a full moon!


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