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2022 RISING SUN from the “Black Flag” Series; 1 Ounce Antiqued Silver Coin; $1 Tuvalu


ARRRRRGH, Matey…These coins are fantastic!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.9999

Weight                 31,1 g (1 Troy oz)

Diameter              40.90 mm

Attributes             Antique Finish, Uncirculated

Mintage                1500

Capsule Included

The 2022 release in the widely collected Black Flag series from The Perth Mint depicts William Moody’s infamous ship, The Rising Sun. Moody was a pirate notorious for his public raiding and burning of numerous ships throughout the Caribbean from 1718 to 1719. Soon after his reign of terror became feared across the seas, Captain Moody’s crew rebelled against him due to his treatment of the sailors on his ship. The crew made Moody and his few remaining supporters get into a small boat and set sail without them – leaving them stranded forever. Captain Moody was never seen again and presumed lost at sea. This 2022 1 oz Silver Antiqued coin is the first time the Black Flag series is made available in this finish.

The Perth Mint Black Flag Series
Through the 17th and 18th centuries, pirates prowled the seven seas with their ships revealing their uniquely frightening black flags – declaring themselves victorious in battle. Each release in this iconic series, struck by The Perth Mint, highlights an infamous pirate along with the insignia they associated themselves with to remember some of the most formidable figures in history. The previous releases in this series have included Blackbeard and his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge, Black Bart and his ship the Royal Fortune, and Ching Shih with her ship known as the Red Flag Fleet.


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