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2022 MICHAEL, 2nd Release from “Angels and Demons” Series; 2 Ounce HR Antiqued Silver Coin; $5 Niue


Great follow-up to Lucifer! 

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999

Weight                 62,2 g (2 Troy oz)

Diameter              45 mm

Attributes             Edge Numbered, High Relief, Antique Finish, Selective Gold Gilding

Mintage                500

Packaging             Presentation Box and CoA

The most important of all the archangels, Commander of all God’s army, “MICHAEL” is the subject of the 2nd release after Lucifer. Every year will alternate between an angel and a demon.

The reverse of the coin depicts God’s army, commanded by Michael, pointing forward with his sword in his right hand, towards the battle, while with his left hand he instructs his angels to stand still, awaiting his command. The demons flee in terror at such a scene of force from the army of heaven.

The obverse of the coin, as in the previous year, represents the dichotomy between heaven and hell, life and light on the left, darkness and death on the right, with the tree of Eden in the center separating the two realms. On one side the tree is dry and withered and the other is flowering and radiant. At the bottom center is the coat of arms of the Public Seal of Niue.


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