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2022 GIGANTOPITHECUS from “Prehistoric Life” Series; 1 Ounce Silver BU Coin; 20 Francs Congo


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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999

Weight                 31,1 g (1 Troy oz)

Diameter              38.6 mm

Attributes             Brilliant Uncirculated

Mintage                10000

Packaging            Capsule

The seventh issue of the “Prehistoric Life” series from the Congo is dedicated to the Gigantopithecus. The motive of the bullion coin, struck from one ounce of 99.99% pure silver, features a Gigantopithecus in a jungle landscape interspersed with waterfalls. Above the giant primate are the inscriptions “PREHISTORIC LIFE”, “GIGANTOPITHECUS”, “8 – 0.3 MIO YEARS BC” and the year of issue 2022. The reverse features the coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Gigantopithecus belongs to the genus of primates from the family of apes (Hominidae) and lived until 300,000 years ago in the south of China, in northern India and in Pakistan. The largest ape that ever lived reached a height of up to 3 meters and a weight of about half a ton. The closest relative alive today, according to research, is the orangutan, which shares a common ancestor with Gigantopithecus, which probably lived 12 to 10 million years ago.


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