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2022 DOMOWIK from “Slavic Beastiary” Series; 3 oz Antiqued, HR Silver Coin; 2000 Francs Cameroon


EXPECTED LATE FEB/EARLY MAR 2023! Fascinating coin that is rich in details and techniques!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999

Weight                 93,3 g (3 Troy oz)

Diameter              55 mm

Attributes             Antique Finish, UV Printing, High Relief, Resin, Numbered, Selective Gold Plating

Mintage                500

Packaging             Box and CoA

In the Slavic religious tradition, Domowik is the household spirit of a given kin. They are deified progenitors, that is to say the fountainhead ancestors of the kin. According to the Russian folklorist E. G. Kagarov, the Domovoy (Russian name for Domowik) is a personification of the supreme Rod in the microcosm of kinship. Sometimes he has a female counterpart, Domania, the goddess of the household, though he is most often a single god. The Domowik expresses himself as a number of other spirits of the household in its different functions.

The Domowik is usually represented as an old, gray-haired man with flashing eyes. He may manifest in the form of animals, such as cats, dogs or bears, but also as the master of the house or a departed ancestor of the given family, sometimes provided with a tail and little horns. In some traditions, the Domowik are symbolized as snakes. Household gods were represented by the Slavs as statuettes, made of clay or stone, which were placed in niches near the house’s door, and later on the mantelpieces above the ovens.


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