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2022 Big 5 Spherical RHINOCEROS; 1 Kg Silver Antiqued Coin; 1000 Francs Djibouti


My wife has spent several time periods supporting rhino sanctuaries in South Africa since her retirement from the USAF. I’ve had the privilege of visiting them on occasion and there is nothing like feeding a newborn calf. Something I’ll never forget!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999

Weight                 1 kg (~ 32 Troy Oz Silver)

Diameter              56.7 mm

Attributes             Antique Finish, Spherical

Mintage                199

Display Case and CoA Included

Released on behalf of the Republic of Djibouti, a multi-ethnic country located in the Horn of Africa, this 1,000 Francs legal-tender coin showcases the world’s second-largest land animal in a different light with many different detailed depictions that span 360 degrees around the coin. The variety of images circling around the coin show a close-up image of a big bull rhino, a crash of Rhinos galloping across the savannah, a small group of Rhinos cooling off in a water hole, and a pair of rhinos standing guard as their calves venture out from beneath the shade of an acacia tree.

If trends continue the way they have been, this may be the only way to see a wild rhinoceros. According to conservation group Save the Rhino, this iconic African beast is near extinction. The group said that fewer than 29,000 rhinos exist in the wild, down from around 500,000 across Africa and Asia at the beginning of the 20th century. The main culprits? The same old tunes: poaching and loss of habitat.

Created Through State-Of-The-Art Process

To create this fascinating piece, a state-of-the-art six-piece die setup and special bands were used to strike each side multiple times with equal pressure. Once the coins are struck, they were put through extra steps to give them a unique antiqued finish that gives extra depth to the coin’s design. It also means that no two coins are exactly alike. And thanks to this finish that gives an extra layer to the coin, you can actually hold it in your hands without risk of damaging it! Plus, each coin arrives in original Uncirculated condition beautifully displayed in a contemporary latex presentation case that displays all sides of the spherical coin.


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