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2021 ELEPHANT-SHAPED COIN from “Animals of Africa” Series; 1 Ounce Reverse Proof Silver Coin; $2 Solomon Islands


I Will Absolutely Never Forget The First Elephants I Saw In The Wild On A Trip To Namibia! I Cried In Joy!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999

Weight                 31,1 g (1 Troy oz)

Dimensions          38.7 mm X 42 mm

Attributes            Individually Numbered, Reverse Proof

Mintage               2500

Display Frame and CoA Included

Despite its size that, when motivated to move, an elephant can plow through just about anything. Elephants are one of the most popular animals on earth. The reason is simple: people are drawn to these large animals because much like humans they are intelligent creatures that have developed deep social bonds and exhibit emotions and empathy to others of their kind. Measuring 13 feet tall on average, they are gigantic critters that spend most of their day eating leaves and branches. But now they’ve been cut down to size with an elephant-shaped coin that’s an exact replica of this mighty pachyderm — only 100 times smaller!

These unique shaped coins show an extremely well-detailed depiction of an elephant. This coin measures a whopping 38.7 mm x 42 mm allowing for detail so exquisite that you can see every wrinkled crack on the elephant’s thick hide and examine every detail of its powerful body from the tips of its tusks to the end of its large floppy ears. The world’s largest land animals, elephants live in troops led by a matriarch, which is the oldest female. And, while elephants make a variety of sounds, their loud trumpeting is the most recognizable and can be heard up to six miles away!


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