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2020 RAT from “96 Chinese Zodiac” Series; 2 oz Antiqued Silver Coin; $5 Niue


I am a rat in the Chinese zodiac so I can identify with this coin!

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Metal                     Silver                          

Purity                    0.999

Weight                  62,2 g (2 Troy Oz)

Diameter               40 mm

Attributes              Ultra High Relief, Antique Finish

Mintage                 96

Packaging              Custom Box with CoA (silver note)

This 2 oz silver coin belongs to the “96 Chinese Zodiac” series. The given coin is dedicated to the Year of the Rat and the numbers 9 and 6 that relates to the numerology views.

It is well-know that the Rat comes first before all zodiac animals. As for Chinese culture, rats here symbolized wealth and surplus. Due to their high reproduction rate, married couples also prayed to them to have a baby. 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat that is going to be strong, prosperous, and lucky. This year also represents a successful and prosperous career with a selfless act of kindness from start to finish. Speaking about numerology, 9 is the representation of career progression while 6 is related to luck and wealth.

The coin is struck in ultra-high relief that is combined with antique finishing. The collectible feature, namely the Rat, is depicted as the focal point on the reverse, while the Year of the Rat is paired with a round symbol of the series title “96”. The reverse is finished with a textured background, and the obverse portrays the official effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and legal tender of Niue with the value of 5 Dollars. The certificate of authenticity is provided as a unique silver note.


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