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2018 CHIMERA, 1st Issue of “Mythological Animals” Series; 2 Ounce Silver Proof Coin; 1500 Shillings Tanzania


Highly refined interpretation of a classic beast from mythology and gaming!

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Metal                    Silver

Purity                   0.999 (99.9%)

Weight                 2 Troy oz (62,2 g)

Diameter              38.61 mm

Attributes             Ultra-High Relief, Proof

Mintage                499

Packaging             Presentation Box and CoA

When it comes to mythical creatures and monsters, nobody tops the Greeks! One of the most terrifying Greek monsters was the Chimera, a fire-breathing monster with a lion’s head and body, a snake for a tail and a goat’s head protruding between its shoulders. Despite its gruesome appearance, it was a fixture on Greek coins dating all the way back to the 4th century BC.  

According to Greek mythology, the Chimera was first seen rampaging across southern Turkey. The ill-tempered offspring of a monstrous giant and a half-woman/half-serpent she-beast, the Chimera was a bizarre fire-breathing creature with the body and head of a lion, a goat’s head rising from its back, and a serpent for a tail. No one could stop the Chimera’s reign of terror and those who tried were usually incinerated from a simple breath of fire. The hero Bellerophon was able to kill the beast by enlisting the aid of the winged horse Pegasus. Flying high above the creature’s fire-breathing attacks, Bellerophon shoved a lead-tipped spear down its throat. The lead melted from the flames and choked the Chimera to death.


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