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2017 NUMMULITE from “Evolution of Earth” Series; 2 oz UHR Antique Finish Silver Coin; $2 Niue


A Highly Unusual and Striking Representation of an Ancient Organism.

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Metal          Silver

Purity         0.999

Weight        62,2 g (2 Troy oz)

Diameter    45 mm

Attributes   Ruthenium Antique Finish, 3.7 mm Relief, Gold Plating

Mintage      666

Presentation Box and CoA included

A nummulite is a large lenticular fossil, characterized by its numerous coils, subdivided by septa into chambers. They are the shells of the fossil and present-day marine protozoan Nummulites, a type of foraminiferan. Nummulites commonly vary in diameter from 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) to 5 cm (2 inches) and are common in Eocene to Miocene marine rocks, particularly around southwest Asia and the Mediterranean (e.g. Eocene limestones from Egypt). Fossils up to 6 inches wide are found in the Middle Eocene rocks of Turkey. They are valuable as index fossils.

The ancient Egyptians used nummulite shells as coins and the pyramids were constructed using limestone that contained nummulites. It is not surprising then that the name “Nummulites” is a diminutive form of the Latin nummulus meaning “little coin”, a reference to their shape.

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